Posted by: Kate | September 26, 2011

The First Week-end of Fall

As I write this, the sky is as dark as evening and the wind is howling as the rain lashes the windows. It feels like November out there, not late September. However, this week-end, the first of fall, we were treated to an unexpected couple of warm afternoons with even a bit of sunshine. The guys took advantage on Saturday and went lake fishing for the day, where they roasted a lovely rainbow trout (caught by Bush Boy) over an open fire for their lunch. Yesterday Bush Boy and I went down to my mum’s and lucked out with a dry afternoon walk near Stoten Falls.

The path was already muddy from a week of rain, but as always there were so many wonderful things to look at. I love how vibrant the moss is at this time of year, with the brown leaves against it. We saw many different types of fungus as well on old stumps and fallen branches.

The walk ends at the river’s edge near some rapids. The river is very wide here, and quite loud. We had an interesting discussion about how to describe the sound. A babbling brook it was not! Bush Boy said it was annoying, while Mum and I settled on powerful, persistent and rushing. It was, most definitely, beautiful.

What a treat of a week-end.



  1. You live in an amazing place!

    Our first weekend of fall include a huge wind storm puncuated by a long power outage. Kinda early in the year for that sort of thing.

  2. gorgeous! glad you had a break in the rain to get out and enjoy your surroundings.

    that first picture looks like a set for a movie about fairies! magical!!

  3. mmm beautiful! i have to go walk in that area soon – we walked a bit higher up by the damn, on sunday. yesterday sure was a wet one – wasn’t expecting the first big storm so early!

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