Posted by: Kate | September 12, 2011

Beach Close-ups

We have had the hottest days of summer these first two weeks of September, and are trying to soak it all in before it’s gone for the year. (By hot, I mean 27 to 29 degrees celsius most days, that’s about 80-84 degrees fahrenheit.) Yesterday Bushboy and I took Chika to the beach and had some fun exploring under rocks.

Bushboy got a surprise when he found this green sea urchin under a rock, as it was a good size for a rock dweller. He was  the most impressed by how quickly it moved when he put it on a rock to look at – the little tube feet underneath were just motoring!

The crabs remain his favourites. He loves them all, and is constantly fascinated by their sizes and colours.

The weather is supposed to taper off in the next few days, and then we will be into the slide to fall. But this week-end we picked blackberries, the boys swam at the lake, and we walked the beach under the hot sun, celebrating all that is summer.



  1. :-)

  2. yes, we were expecting a “taper off”, weren’t we? it seems like the shift from yesterday to today was a lot more dramatic than that, overcast and a bit of light mist/drizzle this morning. while i’m welcoming fall i hope to get a bunch more blackberries before it all shifts completely, and they were certainly enjoying the sun.

    love your beach finds – i always love the crabs too!

  3. love the photos!
    hope you got your cooler temps!

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