Posted by: Kate | August 26, 2011

Going to the Fair, A Day Late

Editing to add: OK, people. Read the instructions carefully. I’m standing there waiting to drop off, wondering why they’re all confused by me. Yeah. Judging was last night, I should have been there between 1 and 7 YESTERDAY. They let me put them in the show anyhow, but they missed the judging. Sigh. I’m such a doofus. I’m blaming it on the heat that we haven’t had and has all of a sudden arrived. It’s messed up my brain!

I finally entered some items in the Comox Valley Ex, after thinking about it for many years. It’s a popular fair, so I’m not expecting anything, but I’m proud of myself for putting the work out there. I’m off to drop off the items this afternoon, but thought I’d give you a sneak peek.



  1. Gorgeous! What’s the pattern for the scarf? Good luck! One of my favorite things about the fair is going to the creative arts buildings.

  2. Your entries for the fair are beautiful! I am so sorry you missed the entry deadline. It sounds just like something I would do!

  3. Next year!!

  4. well, at least you weren’t expecting anything! lol. :) Sorry you missed the entry but I’m sure that it will still be nice to hear people admire your stuff. :)

  5. gorgeous entries!
    that’s too funny/bad about the date mess up – totally something i would have done as well!

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