Posted by: Kate | August 25, 2011

Find Your Way

When we look at our children, we have so many hopes for them it is sometimes hard to remember that they likely have their own hopes and dreams that may not resemble ours. I try to see Bushboy as his own person, not just as a miniature version of me or Mr. Kate (although in many ways that is exactly what he is). There are days I don’t understand him at all, and days I wonder where he thinks he is heading in life. But then we go for a walk or get outside, and I know he is finding his way.

I hope he always remembers that this is his place, his sanctuary – the great outdoors. He is so at peace and happy when he is outside and surrounded by nature. My part is to continue to provide him with the outlet, even when he forgets its importance and doesn’t think he wants to go. As with the rest of his life, I can guide, so gently, as he continues to find his way.



  1. thank you for this beautiful reminder kate…

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