Posted by: Kate | August 12, 2011

From the Photo Archives

The coolest leaf ever. Ralph River, July 2011.

This leaf was in our campsite. It caught my eye from across the fire, as I thought someone had dropped something. It looked like a piece of paper with a drawing on it. Mr. Kate thought it would make an amazing tattoo.


  1. Cool!

  2. That is one really cool leaf! I think Mr. Kate might be onto something! ;)

  3. hmmm… that is one crazy leaf!

    it’s almost like it’s wearing camouflage!

  4. Cool. This summer I found myself picking up Madrone leaves that had similar crazy (but beautiful) patterns on them. You just reminded me that I need to take them out of their storage spot before I head back out to the field this weekend.

    BTW–what species is that? It looks sort of like a vanilla plant (Achlys) but hard to tell.

  5. What an awesome leaf!

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