Posted by: Kate | August 9, 2011


As dishcloth knitters know, when you knit a lot of dishcloths you end up with a lot of little balls of leftover cotton yarn. This week I decided to do something about them.

We have a friend from Bushboy’s school who is moving out of town, so I thought a little housewarming/goodbye gift would be nice. I started knitting leftover dishcloths and just couldn’t stop!

Each cloth uses three colours of yarn. It’s fun trying to put colours together, and deciding whether you want bright and mismatched or whether you want to try and make the cloth artistic or monochromatic, etc. The balls can’t be too small, about as big as a golf ball and you should be ok. Of course, there are a lot of ends to sew in.

I’ve added a little jar of loganberry jam to the cloths, and we’ll drop them off in the next day or two as they pack up to move this week-end.


  1. How nice! You are a good neighbor and I’m sure quite difficult to replace.

  2. ooooh – i need to sit down and do this will all my dishcloth leftover bits!

    what a thoughtful gift, i’m certain your friends will love it.

  3. Such a perfect goodbye gift. I love how all those cotton bits can be used for something beautiful!

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