Posted by: Kate | August 3, 2011


When we moved to the area we knew it was renowned for its salt water fishing, most notably salmon. What we didn’t know was that it is also known in the freshwater fishing world as a premier spot to fish. About six years ago Mr. Kate took up  fly fishing and three years ago Bushboy took it up as well. It is something for them to do together, and can be done at least seven months of the year. Sometimes they go to the lakes with our flat-bottomed boat and fish for trout, but once the weather warms up (so that the water warms up) they head to the rivers to fish. You can catch trout (rainbow and cutthroat), steelhead and salmon, depending on the month. You can’t keep the steelhead around here, but they sure are fun to hook into! Pink salmon is about to open on the Quinsam, and is already open on the Campbell, so every day will see more and more fishermen (and women) standing on the banks and in the rivers. At the peak, in September, you can find people of every nationality coming here to fish the Campbell River. An amazing, fun resource for all ages.

Campbell River fishing.

The Campbell River is more challenging for Bushboy, as he is short and the river is high. Mr. Kate has to watch him more closely this year, as the river is higher than ever due to the very late snow melt. It’s also the more crowded river, as there are more salmon in this one. Bushboy is learning to roll cast, which means flicking your rod more to the side than to the back, to avoid snagging people and trees. Mr. Kate, as you can see, has waterproof waders, which makes it a little easier for him in the big river.

Quinsam River fishing.

The Quinsam requires good balance, as you can walk right through the river but it is a very rocky bottom. This river is not as busy to fish on, and the guys have certain spots they like to try out every time.

I like to watch, it’s quite mesmerizing watching fly fishermen. Plus it’s just a beautiful spot to sit and be, and watch the kingfishers and crows and other creatures of the river.



  1. i would love to learn to fly fish, i have a dream of doing it, although i also don’t know that i need another hobby! looks like you all have fun along the river; i am hoping to get in a little fishing this year.

  2. gorgeous pictures!

    i’ve never fly fished either, but i agree that it is definitely mesmerizing to watch.

  3. I’m not one to fish…I love being near/in the water but I don’t have the patience for it. Which is funny…I’m a pretty patient person in general while J is the exact opposite. But he can be patient and fish for hours and I bail out after about 30 minutes. Maybe waterproof waders would be a good b-day or christmas present for bushboy one day? ;)

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