Posted by: Kate | August 2, 2011

Jam Season

We’re in full jam season around here. BC apricots are in, as well as black currants. Even closer to home the raspberries are still producing, and our friends’ logan berries are beyond prolific. I think another pie might be in order, as well as some fresh berry muffins! Oh yes, and the local blueberries are in, although none of us are fans of blueberry jam. I freeze all the blueberries I can get my hands on for muffins as well as snacks for Bushboy (one of his favourite side dishes with lunch).

Apricot and black currant jams.

The jams above are mostly for me, as the guys don’t like them. I’ll probably share a couple with my mum.

Logan berries.

This is my first year using logan berries, as they aren’t something sold in the shops. My friend put them along her garden fence, and they are amazing! No thorns, too, as we noticed when we picked these this morning. We’ll be back to pick again on Thursday, so jam and pie from these, I think.

I’ve done one batch of raspberry jam, and have three large freezer bags full of raspberries in the freezer to make into more jam. Then I’ll just have to wait for the blackberries, later in August.




  1. Yum is right! I made applesauce last night from the first transparent apples of the season… canned 7 pint jars. A good start on preserving for this year.
    (Well, I do already have new rhubarb, raspberries and blueberries in the freezer – so I guess I’d already started.)

  2. Aren’t fresh raspberries amazing?! I love berry season!!!

  3. yum yum!!
    i love fresh berries and jam as well! you’re photos are making my mouth water!!

  4. The jam looks delicious.

  5. Yum! Since I’m in the field most of the season, I’m missing jam season this year (and probably for several more years) and I’m not sure I actually missed it until I saw these pictures. With how late everything is though (just picked cherries off my rented tree in mid-August!!!!), there may be ripe plums waiting for me when I return in late September for jam. They are normally ripe now and they are still small, green, and hard. Guessing though, an early frost will wipe them out but who knows? We may get lucky.

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