Posted by: Kate | July 26, 2011

Strathcona Waterfalls

One of our favourite things to do while we are camping is to visit the many waterfalls in Strathcona Park. Most of these are just short walks through the trees from the parking lots, but Upper Myra Falls is a good two and a half hour (return) hike that you need to have good foot wear for. This year was the first in three years that Upper Myra was reachable, as the trail had been closed due to a washout. It is finally repaired and we were able to head back up.

Upper Myra Falls

Lady Falls is on the highway to Gold River, and is the shortest, easiest walk. The sign said 20 minutes one way, but this year we did it in less than 10 minutes up, which made us laugh. The waterfall is totally worth it, though, as you get the full on spray from this one!

Lady Falls

Our favourite falls, and a place we like to hang out whenever we get the chance, is Lower Myra Falls. This is just above Buttle Lake (as opposed to Upper Myra Falls which are up a mountain). This was the most full we have ever seen the lower falls, due mostly to the huge amount of snow that has been late in melting. So we didn’t spend a lot of time there, as it wasn’t safe to have the dog so close (he does so want to swim) for long.

Lower Myra Falls

As you can see, there are stages to this waterfall. The picture above is only the top two-thirds of the waterfall. The rock ledges were created by earthquakes, and there are three distinct parts to the falls. I tried to capture the power on video for you. The first video is the top two portions (you can just see the white of the top portion) and the second video is the bottom portion.



  1. Wow! Beautiful place!

  2. i love all those waterfalls – in fact, it’s been a little while since i visited any of them. i also really like lupin falls; less power, but such a nice walk through the woods to that tall skinny waterfall.

  3. completely stunning!

  4. Incredible pics, Kate. It looks like the ‘perfect’ walk.

  5. Pretty darn magnificent. I have a ‘thing’ for waterfalls (which is not uncommon I suppose) and these look like beautiful ones!

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