Posted by: Kate | July 26, 2011

Knitting While Camping

I was quite productive while camping this year – must have been the cooler weather.

I finished the June socks the first day out. I love them quite fiercely, the yarn and the pattern both.

Twisted Tweed Sock

The yarn is Estelle Arequipa, which I used to make my Melon Shawl a few years ago. It is a very soft yarn, so I’m hoping the nylon content will keep them strong. I made the ankle socks just because I wanted to, really. The pattern is Twisted Tweed Sock, and was quick to memorize and fun to knit. I could see doing these ones again.

I knit myself a toque to ward off the cold evening air. I started it right before I left, and finished it the first night out then put it on right away. It got a lot of wear, as it turned out. (Yes, I am wearing two jackets in that second picture.)


The pattern is LOSY hat (left over sock yarn), and it is knit with two strands of sock yarn held together. I used some old acrylic Bernat Sox, one solid and one multi. I love the fit and look of the hat, I can certainly see making more of these.

I knit a dishcloth, of course. I used the Waffle pattern I love so much. We left the cloth on the picnic table at the campsite with a note for the campsite host – she’s been working in the park for 12 years and we’ve gotten to know her well. I hope she got it!

Finally (I know, a lot right?) I cast on for the July socks. This is Regia 4-ply called Loop Colour. It is two shades of burgundy that changes randomly. I’m quite liking it. I’m using my own pattern again, a herringbone stitch.

Of course now that we’re back I’m mostly working on the wedding blanket – the wedding is August 6th and I think I’m going to make it.



  1. what a fun parade of camping projects!!

    your hat is really cute and looks great on you!
    your june socks turned out perfect!!
    i really love your july sock yarn/pattern combo.

    and you are now the dishcloth fairy – leaving dishcloths around for people to find! fun fun!! :)

  2. I’ve had twisted tweed sock on my mind for awhile…seems like a great pattern for a variegated yarn as yours proves! I like the lower leg length as well. I love your hat and love that it got use in July! Not surprised though given the ‘Pacific Northwest’ (or in your case Southwest) climate this year! And what a great gesture to leave for the camp host!

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