Posted by: Kate | July 18, 2011

Summer, Summer, Wherefore Art Thou Summer?

So we’ve had a pretty dismal start to summer. A ‘bummer of a summer’ the news outlets are calling it. Apparently La Nina is causing a low to hang out over the west coast of Canada, which is disrupting our usual lovely summer. The weather is about 5 degrees Celsius (so about 10-15 degrees F) cooler than usual, the skies are cloudier, and we have had some very misty, grey days of rain. Feels more like late September, except the flowers in the garden aren’t right. The flowers that are still standing, that is, after the last three days of constant rain.

I think this is what the rest of the world often thinks of when it thinks of Canada. Cool, damp, grey wilderness. But often as not our summers are gorgeous, hot and dry and long. The last three have been stunning, although last summer wasn’t as hot as the two before.

So, what to do when the weather is not summer and yet the calendar is?

As good west coasters, we pull out the rain gear and walk on. A very wet walk at the river had us dodging massive puddles and getting wet legs from brushing against sodden greenery. The beach rocks are slippery, and the breeze is cool so we wear a fleecy. (Does the rest of the world love their fleece outerwear quite as we do on the west coast do you think? We each have a number of fleecies, some zip up, some pull-over, varying weights.) In fact the other night Mr. Kate wore a toque on our walk. On Canada Day I had a toque and fingerless mitts on when we went to watch the fireworks.

We are off camping soon. The forecast is not great, and we expect it to be even colder out under the mountains where we are headed. The trip will be shorter if the rains come as predicted, but we’ll still enjoy ourselves.

And there definitely won’t be a fire ban.



  1. I like that you aren’t letting a shift in the weather hold you down. On you go! Wonderful.

  2. Definitely no worries about a fire ban. This summer the issue is more one of whether or not it is even possible to start a fire!

  3. Yeah, no burn ban, but I am tired of having to talk myslef out of turning on the heater every morning. My peas have been “growing” for months, but are only about 12″ tall. The peas and I could use some sun. I am thinking positive and hoping the slow start to summer will be made up with a gloriously warm and sunny autumn.

  4. oh i think your weather sounds divine!
    we are in the midst of a horrid horrid heatwave over here. the heat index is around 115F (46C) and the humidity is so intense you start sweating the moment you open the door.

    it sounds like we need to find a way to mix our weather and come up with a happy medium!

    i hope you get yourselves some sunshine for your camping trip! i’d send you warmer temps if only i could :)

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