Posted by: Kate | July 11, 2011

Strawberry Festival in Our Backyard

The strawberries are at their peak in the backyard, and I can finally outpace Bushboy at picking them. We have eaten many handfuls on cereal and ice cream, and last week I made a pie. (Might I add, my first home-made pie crust as well. I make pies with my own fillings, but usually  buy pie crusts. Pie crusts have gone up about $2 however in the last six months, so making my own crust was required. It was pretty good for a first try.)

Yesterday I managed to have enough strawberries (well, I did add a cup of the raspberries just coming into their own) to make the first batch of jam for this summer. While strawberry jam is not our favourite, we ran out of homemade jam this year about two months ago, and as none of us were happy about that situation, we are making jam out of whatever the garden makes available!

I got six jars, plus a half jar in the fridge for eating now. So happy to be eating homemade jam again!

There are people who ask me if this is all worth it. We can buy jam, pie, etc if we want it. But when you’ve tasted homegrown, when you’ve watched the joy on your family members’ faces as they eat the fruits of their garden, you know it is worth it. Food security is a major topic of conversation around here, and one that I feel passionately about. How can we teach our children where food comes from if they don’t see it as important to us? Why would they care when all their friends get treats from the store? The only way is to make it real to them. Let them pick until their fingers are red (even better when he thinks I don’t know and it is his guilty pleasure). Let them make a mess as the sugar is poured into the jam mixture. Let them critique the pie crust and make suggestions for the next one. Let them pick which cheese to put in the salad. Make food matter.

Next week there should be enough raspberries for jam. I can’t wait!


  1. Looks yummy. :) I try to teach my boys these lessons as well.

  2. Yay, Kate! Looks yummy. (And is probably better for the raspberry addition… strawberry jam is just too sweet).
    And I’m totally on the same page when it comes to food security and home-grown. I’ve been known to give jam to almost-strangers when I hear they’ve been buying commercial jams.

  3. I totally agree with your thoughts on making food matter. Homemade jam and especially homemade pie are so worth it. Now I feel like I should do a little cheer for you. Woohoo!

  4. Yeah! You know you are preaching to the choir with me. Your first pie crust! Not so scary. I too will be maiking raspberry jam next week.

  5. I am sure I have failed on many fronts as a parent, but there is one area I think I can claim success in. All five of my kids love to cook, and they all have an appreciation for where their food comes from. Good for you for instilling this in Bushboy!

    And about that pie? If you put on your tea kettle I will be right over to have a piece. :-)

  6. if both of those pictures don’t answer the question, “is it worth it?” i don’t know what will…. gorgeous!!

  7. I’m going to be making a strawberry pie soon and you’ve guilted me into making my own crusts. It’s really too easy to make them. I have so many money talks blog posts that I should be putting up, but I haven’t been. All the money issues are one of the reasons I haven’t felt the energy to blog lately, but I think I’m going to put something up soon.

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