Posted by: Kate | June 27, 2011

The Bugs and the Bees

One of my favourite things about having a big garden (well, big relative to amount of space available) is the amazing number of creatures that come to visit it. This turns the garden into a regular science classroom for all of us. Just this week-end, Bushboy and I tried to count the varieties of bees in our flowering plants (the raspberries and herbs are buzzing). He has a magnifying glass somewhat like this one, which lets him look even closer at the creatures without hurting them. (Of course, being a boy, he at one time did challenge himself to see how many of the dopey bees he could fit in it…. sigh.)

Here is what I saw in five minutes with my camera.


There is wonder all around us.



  1. So nice! I love that our yard is friendly to bugs and bees and birds and kids.

  2. Very cool photos!

  3. With bee populations being threatened it is always a relief to see them in the backyard! Great pictures. What kind of camera do you use?

  4. It looks like a veritable feast for all those insects. I bet the honey’s terrific, too!

    Do you know what type of insect the small green insect on a green leaf is in photo #6? The reason I ask is b/c I found one in a pkg. of fresh spinach. Creeped me out & now I’m ALOT more careful choosing the leaves.

  5. beautiful photos of the bugs keeping busy in your garden Kate!

  6. I just love this set of pics!

  7. amazing!!
    i especially like those green guys in the second-to-last picture.

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