Posted by: Kate | June 20, 2011

Striped Socks of May

I’m still averaging a pair of socks a month, I’m just not following the calendar months it would appear. I finished the May striped socks last week and delivered them to my Mum this week-end. She was quite happy to have a pair of socks without holes in her drawer.

The pattern was my own, a basic stockinette sock with a short row heel and wedge toe. I went down in needle size to try to make the fabric a little denser, thinking it might help with the holes. Mum is sceptical, she thinks the holes are just because she wears them all day every day. The yarn is Lang Yarns Super Soxx. I bought a number of skeins of this yarn (different colourways) a couple of years ago at a great sale price. I love the colours.

Next up …. haven’t decided yet! I have a few patterns in my Ravelry queue and I think one of those is next. I hope to cast on in the next day or so.


  1. Very nice socks! Isn’t it great when you are at the contemplating stage of knitting, thinking through which project to cast on for next? Small objects like socks, hats and toques are great for summer knitting. Stupidly I have planned a sweater for my next major project though. I am sure the Kamloops heat, if it ever arrives, will have me abandoning that plan before I get too far.

  2. These socks look so cushy & soft, calming colours and stripes, I bet your Mom is absolutely delighted. It’s no wonder she wants to wear them everyday!

  3. I so adore these socks…the brown and orange stripes! So glad your mom loved them as well!

  4. i love the stripers too!
    i can see why your mom appreciated them! you are amazingly prolific with your sock knitting!!

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