Posted by: Kate | June 19, 2011

Meeting Your Hero

We all know that meeting your hero can be tricky. The person doesn’t always live up to the image you have created in your mind, and often you leave the meeting somehow disappointed. This week-end, Bushboy met his hero and he was everything Bushboy had thought he would be, and more.


Bushboy was surprised with a dinner and speaking event that his Granny found out about in a local town. It was a fundraiser, and she bought tickets to it a month ago. Somehow, we all managed to keep it a surprise, right up to the moment they pulled into the parking lot. And was Bushboy ever surprised. He called us when they got back to Granny’s house, and he was bubbling over trying to tell us all the wonderful things Terry Grant, aka Mantracker, had said and done in the evening.

Bushboy took many good photos and video, and when his Granny went to take a photo of Bushboy and Mantracker, she didn’t take the camera off video. So the image above is a still shot from one video, and below is a short four second clip of Mantracker signing Bushboy’s “Mantracker hat” (yes, that is what Bushboy calls it).

Meeting your heroes sometimes is wonderful, when they turn out to be as funny, generous and knowledgeable as you thought.


  1. How cool is that? And yes, fantastic that his hero lived up to the hype.

    I met Jane Goodall a few years ago and I was sorely disappointed. Of course I met her only briefly but nothing like I was expecting after reading her books and learning from her for years. To this day I still sort of carry that disappointment around. I guess I need to remember that no one should be put too high on a pedestal…then there is no option but to disappoint.

  2. oh yay for bushboy!
    i’m so glad the mantracker lived up to his expectations.

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