Posted by: Kate | June 14, 2011

Another Walk at the Beach

Just a quick walk at the beach, Sunday afternoon. Bushboy took his new slingshot down to shoot rocks into the waves, Chika took the opportunity to have a quick swim. I enjoyed a brisk wind and some fresh air to blow out any cobwebs. And as always, we found beauty and treasures.

While looking for good rocks to shoot with the slingshot, Bushboy spotted not one, but two small urchin skeletons.

There are treasures all around us, tangible and intangible. Studying the skeleton of an urchin, watching experiments with the physics of a slingshot, seeing the look of contentment on a boy’s face – every one a treasure in my heart.


  1. wow, very lucky finds with the urchins! it is always so good for the mind and soul to breath a little fresh air and keep an eye out for the treasures all around us.

  2. Wonderful! Another wonderful day at the beach – lucky you & BB & of course, Chika :) The urchins look like their covered in pearls – beautiful.

  3. You’ve inspired me. Tomorrow I walk by the beach.

  4. Oh wow! Such beautiful treasures. Ros

  5. ‘Blow out any cobwebs’. That sums up the beauty of a walk outdoors perfectly.

  6. how amazing!! i love living vicariously through you and your ocean explorations.

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