Posted by: Kate | June 13, 2011

Teacher Knitting

There are still a few more weeks of school (two and a half, to be exact) but I thought I’d get the teacher gift knitting out of the way. This year I was knitting for Bushboy’s classroom teacher as well as his fiddle club teacher. We chose a market bag for the classroom teacher (pattern: Monkey Market Bag) and fingerless mitts for the fiddle club teacher (pattern: Bainbridge Mitts). Bushboy was pleased with both, although he may add something small to each one.


Another reason to get these out of the way early? I just found out we have another family wedding to attend at the beginning of August!



  1. Great teacher gifts, Kate. Very thoughtful of you and Bushboy.

  2. Bushboy is going to be the favorite!

  3. both presents are lovely!

    what do you have in the works for the august wedding?!?!

  4. I love the market bag! I have always wanted to knit one. And fingerless mitts are the perfect gift for a fiddler. Word is going to get out about the handknit gifts and teachers will be fighting to get Bushboy in their class.

  5. Lucky teachers. I bet they can’t wait to have Bushboy in class if for no other reason than they get cool hand-knits at the end of the year from mom!

    Are you doing another blanket for the wedding or something a little more manageable?

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