Posted by: Kate | June 10, 2011

From the Photo Archives


Double Rainbow, May 2011

With all the rain in April and May, we saw a fair number of rainbows. This was the best double rainbow we saw. A couple of days before we saw a rainbow that actually ended in the house with the red car’s backyard. We could see the colour on the trees behind the house. We were really tempted to go in the backyard and see if there was a pot of gold, but we don’t know them (they’re new) and thought that might be a little off-putting.We do love rainbows, and luckily out here we see quite a few.





  1. What a great way to meet neighbors. You could have offered to split the pot. I do not think I have EVER seen a double rainbow.

  2. Just bring a nice pie along for your new neighbors when you look for that pot of gold.

  3. beautiful!

  4. Would be a perfect (yet odd) way to introduce yourselves! I’m with Terri or Denise…offer to split the pot or bring along a pie!

    Beautiful double rainbows!

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