Posted by: Kate | June 6, 2011

Money Talks: Knitting for Hire

Last year I made Bushboy’s teacher dishcloths for Christmas. She told me she loved them, but kept them with her Christmas linens. This spring she asked me to knit her three more cloths (for pay). She liked the first three so much she asked for three more.

First set of three cloths.

Second set of three cloths. (same yarn, different lighting in the two pictures.)

I won’t get rich knitting for hire, but it’s nice to make some pocket change, at least!



  1. Fabulous! Love them all, esp. the 1st “wavy” dishcloth in your 2nd set. What is the colourway?

  2. So pretty. I don’t know if I could use them to was dishes. Maybe water glasses ;)

  3. Little does she know you would have done it for free.

  4. They definitely look too nice to use as dish cloths! I don’t know if I would like knitting for money. Did you feel pressured knowing someone was paying you?

  5. These dishclothes …especially your beautiful ones…are also sold as SpaCloths a.k.a faceclothes….

  6. Very nice. I recognize one of the patterns but otherwise they are all new. Lucky her and lucky you.

  7. gorgeous cloths!
    and hooray for pocket money from something you love doing anyway!!

  8. The money is certainly nice, but isn’t it so satisfying when someone thinks you are talented enough to offer yo pay you for something you normally may just consider a hobby? I love the colors and patterns in all of these…

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