Posted by: Kate | June 1, 2011

Walking in the Woods with a Wet Dog

When we walk in the woods, we often let Chika off leash as long as there aren’t a lot of people or other dogs around. He is very good in the woods. He likes to tear up the trail to the next bend, and then, being the herding dog that he is, tear back and check on us before running off again.

Of course, any water must be gone in. Whether it be a puddle, a swamp, a river or a lake, he will be in it if he can get to it. So generally on our walks, he is a wet dog.

River Dog.

When walking with a herding dog (or generally being around a herding dog who is running around) it is important to stay to your path. The dog will go around you, even if you think he won’t (they like to cut in to your legs very closely). I know this, and I especially warn kids of this, as they are prone to panicking. Step aside, and you’ll likely cause a collision, as the dog is flying towards you and even an inch or two to the side will throw off his stride and he may not be able to change course quickly enough.

I know this. Yet the other week, as I heard him running up the narrow trail behind me, coming from the river, I made the fatal error. I stepped to the side, thinking I’d let him pass on the trail. Mr. Kate and Bushboy just laughed as Chika ran into my leg as he went past. They couldn’t believe I had moved. Neither could I.

Wet leg from a very wet dog.

I couldn’t blame the dog, it was totally my fault.

Such are the things you learn when you walk in the woods with a wet dog.



  1. I don’t own a dog now, but grew up with German Short Hair Pointers. They loved water and people and had so much energy. If I recall, we had to jump out of the way when one came charging in our direction. They were a lot of fun.

  2. heh, nice wet pants. sounds like you guys have fun on your walks though!

  3. oh the joys of a wet dog!
    hopefully your pants dried out quickly.

    luna (being a husky-mix) is not good off leash, she just runs and runs and runs… i’m always a little jealous of people whose dogs stick around.

  4. CHIKA I have to do that every time I see a picture of him! He looks so happy in water!

    Hi. Back for a few days and trying to catch up with my favorite spaces…

    My brother has a herding dog and loves water…I know this problem well!

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