Posted by: Kate | May 24, 2011

The Wedding Blanket and the Wedding

The blanket was done Friday night, and washed up Saturday morning before the wedding. Here it is in all its glory, on our friends’ couch (where it was noted that it looked very good….).

The pattern is Lacy Waves Afghan, from Bernat and I used Bernat Super Value Solids for the yarn. It took just over one and a half skeins of each colour to complete. I finished it in about six weeks, which means there is really no good reason that my 10 stitch blanket is still unfinished after two years!

The wedding itself was really nice, a touching ceremony followed by fabulous food, and a nice mix of people. We were some of the youngest there, as we expected, but it was nice to see some of the older generation in Mr. Kate’s family. The cake was really lovely, and was a delicious chocolate cake inside (the roses are real).

And just to show that our family cleans up well, considering all the time we spend in the great outdoors, here we are in all our fancy clothes. You have no idea how excited Bushboy was to wear the suit, and what you can’t see are his styling dress shoes.

All in all a lovely wedding.


  1. That is beautiful. And the family is too. ;-)

  2. The blanket turned out fabulous, what a lot of work that must have been. And what an awesome family picture!

  3. What a lovely family photo, Kate. Nice blanket too!

  4. Such an all around lovely experience…

  5. Beautiful, just beautiful! You and your family and your beautiful wedding blanket are beautiful!! Your dress is so pretty, did you make the pink shawl? I love it. Oh and the roses on the beautiful wedding cake are lovely!

  6. Your FAMILY is lovely Kate.

  7. The blanket turned out great! It sounds like a not so subtle hint from your friend about a possible second blanket needing to be knit. And yes, your family cleans up quite nicely. In the blink of an eye Bushboy will be wearing a suit for his own wedding.

  8. The blanket is lovely. I hope the happy couple use it for many, many years.

    Very nice family photo.

  9. Beautiful blanket. BEAUTIFUL family. (of course I think that whether you are spiffed up in nice clothes or whether you’ve just come in from a weekend in the woods).

  10. The blanket is really beautiful. I think it makes a perfect wedding gift. What a lovely family! Glad all went well. Ros

  11. You all clean up very well indeed! A beautiful blanket that I’m sure will be well loved.

  12. oh the blanket turned out *perfectly*!!

    and you all look so lovely in your fancy clothes! i’m glad the wedding was fun – the cake is gorgeous!

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