Posted by: Kate | May 23, 2011


The garden is teasing me in this slow spring. The blooms are slow to open, the buds tightly closed, until you give up and then poof, they are open.

Only took six years for this lilac to bloom!

Since taking these pictures last week, the lilac has opened, but the clematis buds are still tightly closed.



  1. Beautiful pictures, but I think just looking at that lilac made my allergies flare up.

  2. Oh, I’m so glad your lilac is blooming this year. While I would have given you another virtual bouquet in a heartbeat, nothing beats the real thing. Besides, I may leave before mine decides to burst forth this year.

  3. Mmmm, love the scent and look of a fresh lilac bloom! And clematis – another gorgeous flower, hope we’ll get to see pics when it bursts forth!

  4. My good woman, do you remember giving me a baby of that clematis a few years ago? Well it is a going concern, a huge thing on the corner of my house, trellised nearly to the roof, and…..nary a flower has there been. It looks like we’ll be flowerless this year, as well.

    How LONG, O Lord?!

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