Posted by: Kate | May 18, 2011

Perfecting the Paper Ninja Star

Bushboy is the type that when he sees a new creation he is interested in, he won’t stop until he has worked out exactly how to make it. Last week it was ninja stars that caught his mind. (That link takes you to online directions for making them. He didn’t want to look online when he was figuring it out.) A friend at school was making them, and was reluctant to share the technique. Bushboy watched him make them, and then took one apart and reverse-engineered it based on the unfolded paper. He then came home and spent a whole evening making them, in all different sizes and colour.I think there were about 30 of them when he was finally done.


  1. I watched the most amazing show about a Japanese man who did origami. His creations were stunning! I love the Ninja Stars.

  2. You’re about 25 years too late on this post, Kate….my sister and brother and I would have loved it when we were kids!

  3. I think you have a future engineer in your midst!

  4. Kristie’s comment made me wonder…do you think that Bushboy is more geared toward artistic/creativity or toward engineering/architectural when he builds his creations? Or both. They aren’t exactly mutually exclusive of course…but I look forward to seeing what path(s) he chooses as he gets older.

  5. i love this picture – you can see the concentration on his face!
    and i also love his methods – sometimes it *is* important to reinvent the wheel, just to prove to yourself that you can do it.

    what has he done with his 30+ stars?
    i hope that he has strung them up and made a mobile… :)

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