Posted by: Kate | May 17, 2011

April(ish) Socks

The giant man socks are finished at long last. Mr. Kate is very pleased, and wants to know what his next sweater is going to be. He narrowly avoided losing an eye to a knitting needle, let me tell you.

Nice to get those off the needles. Next up, for the month of May, is a plain pair of socks for my mum. Her sock drawer is in sad shape,with many of her pairs having worn out this winter. (Not helped by the fact that she has somehow lost three single socks from three different pairs. Some serious sock issues at her house.) This month I’m just doing a plain stockinette pair to give her now, and then I’ll work on making her at least two pairs of Christmas socks (although she’ll be in South Africa then, so maybe she’ll get Christmas in October, I don’t know).

The yarn is Super Soxx colour, and I’m using 2mm needles as I find the yarn is quite thin. I’m hoping that knitting it on the smaller needles might help with the holes she wears into the bottom of her socks, as well.


  1. I bet Mr. Kate loves his socks! And very brave (along with maybe some other adjectives) to ask about another sweater at this point!

    I love the browns and oranges in this new skein…and it’s a striping yarn? Very nice! I hope your mom knows how lucky she is to have someone to keep her in hand-knitted socks…that’s impressive!

  2. Hurray! They are gorgeous! Let me tell you, if Mr. Kate knew how to knit and how much effort is involved, he might be a bit more cautious on asking for a new knit sweater! lol You continue to astound me with your knitting. You’re ‘back in the saddle’ again, sock-knitting that is, and this yarn looks perfectly lovely for your dear Mum. Great work!

    Have you any sunshine these days?

  3. It is always nice to knit for people who appreciate the finished object. The problem is when the recipient begins to feel a sense of entitlement. Good for you for resisting the urge to misuse your needles. :-)

    And your mom gives a whole knew meaning to “second sock syndrome.”

  4. The socks look great! Did you not knit him a sweater last fall?

  5. love the pictures! you did an excellent job of capturing the giant man-ness of the socks!

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