Posted by: Kate | May 5, 2011

Spring? Are You Coming? We’re Waiting.

May 5th, and I have turned the heat on in my living room. I might be able to bundle up, but I have someone coming over in an hour and it is cold in here.

We have not yet had much in the way of real spring weather. Even the days of sunshine it’s only warm when you are in a very sheltered area, out of the cool wind still blowing. I only just planted peas last week-end, and the spinach and lettuce we planted a few weeks ago have done nothing more than sprout tiny seedlings. I think I can see them shivering. My lilac bush has buds on it, the tulip buds are up, but nothing much else is happening in the garden. The only bright spot is the plethora of dandelions. They seem to love the cool weather.

Track has begun at school, although many days the field is still too wet for the kids to run.

Mr. Kate has only been fishing twice, and has only gone for one good bike ride.

It feels more like October than May out there.

I don’t know if the messed up springs we have had recently are a result of climate change or are just bad luck in the larger weather schemes. I do know it makes it very hard to get motivated for gardening or outdoor exercise when the weather is still cold.

How’s spring for you?



  1. Spring? Where? :-P As my dear sister just said yesterday, “I’m relieved to see the sunshine. I heard that April was Kelowna’s 3rd coldest on record. But I have to say …. “cold” is relative. J” It’s been chilly!

    However, the tulips are up and the grass is green, what more could I ask for? I hope it warms up for you – STAT!

  2. Same. Blah!

  3. Oh dear! Hope you get some warmer Spring weather soon. We’ve been spoily here in the UK this year. Ros

  4. Yes, I’m sick of wearing my winter clothes. I want my poor sun-starved arms and legs to feel warm for a change without having two layers of woollies!

  5. Oh no… We have sun here. I hope your weather warms up soon.

  6. they’ve been predicting that bc will get a hot, dry summer…except for the south coast & island. boo. i have been out on a my bike a few times, but could definitely use some more regular sunshine.

  7. Yes, where is our spring? Just got back from knitting at Village Yarns. We then tend to go over to Rocky Mountain Cafe and with our tea have a sinful dessert! Hope you can find your way down some Thursday and, oh yes, bring spring with you. Peg

  8. It has definitely been the kind of delayed spring that makes even the dandelions look good.

  9. we’re pretty much the same over here. although yesterday was beyond gorgeous!! hopefully more of that is on the way, and on it’s way to you!!

  10. Last week it got into the 80’s for two days then went back to the 60’s. We may be in the 50’s this weekend. We are having our LAST track meet this week! Rocky nailed it with, “we’re going to have summer after winter and skip spring entirely.”

    I am glad the flowers have finally given up waiting and all the rain has given us an absolute symphony of spring flowers!

  11. I think spring came today. But then again, it could still snow tomorrow! I’ve been gone for a week and when I left there were no leaves on the trees, most of the flowering trees hadn’t opened up yet…and then apparently it just happened! The town looks so different today.

    Then again, it’s supposed to get back to the 50’s this weekend so chilly weather hasn’t quite left us.

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