Posted by: Kate | May 2, 2011

Election Results and Flowers

I don’t really know what to say about the election. Things are changing here in my most beloved country, and who knows where it will find us all in four years time. (OK, truth is I have lots to say, but I’m not sure I want this blog to get that political. We shall see.)

As a reminder of all the beauty around, and to take my mind off the polls, I’ve been looking at more pictures from Easter week-end. My mum’s garden is full of early spring flowers, and the chocolate lilies tucked down at the bottom of the garden are my favourites. Like little checkerboards, all velvety and soft.


  1. Well, it was certainly an interesting and somewhat unexpected finish to an election very few of us wanted to have. My hope is that the Conservatives will keep us from becoming a debtor state like the US, and the strong showing of the NDP will keep us from becoming an unkind nation like the US. The results in Quebec were fascinating, and only time will tell what the future of the Liberals will be.

    I understand your reluctance to talk about politics on your blog. I have also tried to stay away from the topic. A month ago when the election was called I did do one blog post explaining how our system works. It was for the benefit of my American readers. I had put the word “politics” in my title and guess what? It has had fewer reader views than any other post I have written. :-) If I post about the subject again I will be sneaky and not announce it in my title.

  2. I don’t know your politics, but I know the feeling. The elections of 2000 and 2004 were hard ones for me, and I worry a lot about where we’re going as a country.

  3. I love your blog, mostly the keen thoughts shared by everyone. I don’t care to discuss politics much either, but have to say I was surprised Jack (Layton) did so well!! Time will tell . . .

    I’d much rather talk about pretty flowers :) I can almost smell these stunning chocolate lillies. Love the pattern and the colour. Isn’t Mother Nature AMAZING!!! Love it.

  4. politics are ugly all over the place right now. i can sympathize with your frustration and appreciate your reminder that beauty is indeed all around us.
    those chocolate lilies are stunning.

  5. I was shocked, too. And a little dismayed…but honestly I’m not sure there’s a GOOD option.

  6. Sometimes looking at the beauty of Mother Nature is really the only way to cope and deal with the odd and frustrating world around us. Beautiful flowers.

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