Posted by: Kate | April 25, 2011

Exploring Tide Pools

After K wrote about exploring tide pools the other week, I thought of how often we are poking around in the local beach tide pools. We were at the beach Saturday afternoon, poking under rocks and in tide pools, hearing shouts of “Mom, come look!” ring out across the empty beach.

These starfish were amazing, clumped on top of each other on the northwest side of this rock, seeking protection from the winter waves.

We saw a few gunnels under rocks, but this was the only one Bushboy managed to catch.

It is unusual to see so many sea urchins under a rock.

While looking at the sea urchins, we began to realize that there were a lot of hermit crabs under the rock as well!

Lots of baby hermit crabs, too! (See the legs poking out of all the little shells?)

Beach walks are such an easy way for us to connect with nature on a smaller scale, although even when inspecting the shore at our feet we are always aware of the larger grandeur around us.



  1. What fun. So much life to see if we slow down and take a look.

  2. oh we were definitely doing the same thing on saturday! so much fun to explore all those little pools. what beach is this, if you don’t mind me asking?

  3. Fab pics, Kate! It’s great how you & your family “stop & smell the roses”. I’m curious about the sea urchins, are they the rock-looking shell-ey creatures? Or are they the vegetation-looking bits of brown/burgandy? Did you lift the rock to see them? Did you put the rock back? lol See! I’m curious as a cat.

    Oh, I wish I could still crouch like BB does! I wonder how long he stayed in that position? Curious minds need to know! Hope you had a great Easter weekend :)

    • Hi Kim! The sea urchins are the purple-brown things, you can see three in the picture. In this case we had flipped a big rock over. We do put the rocks back, very gently, when we are done. I don’t recall how long he was crouched like that, I know he was watching barnacles feed just under the water, as he called me over to see them.

      • Thx Kate! It is fascinating to see all the life under the rocks. I hope you’ll continue to share your sea life photos, I’m always interested. You definitely live in a beautiful part of the world, paradise even, as I’ve said before.

  4. It’s so beautiful. Our family has always enjoyed exploring the tidal pools too. I can almost smell the ocean when I look at your pictures!

  5. That last picture is the best!

  6. what a wonderful set of pictures! i know you know how lucky you are to live where you do, but oh, i’ll say it again… lucky you, and lucky us that you are so willing to share the beauty through your beautiful pictures.

    the first and last photos are amazing!! thank you for sharing!

  7. Oh I love it when there is a lot of life in the tide pools! Sounds and looks like a great day.

  8. I’ll show my ignorance and ask why the starfish are purple in that part of the world…is there an explanation related to water temperature/and or composition or something? Regardless of why…they are so beautiful!

    Lovely set of pictures and descriptions…and what a way to connect with the world around.

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