Posted by: Kate | April 21, 2011

The Garden in April

The spring has been cold and damp this year, but finally on Sunday Bushboy and I got out to do some serious work in the garden (before the stomach flu felled us both late Sunday night and left us flat and lifeless until today).

We tackled the back garden and the vegetable garden. There is still more work to be done, but it was great to see progress made. Bushboy cleared another box and planted one that he had cleared earlier in the month. His main job was digging out the ready compost box so that we can start refilling it and let the other box cook. We figure this was the best compost we’ve made yet, it was light and fluffy and black.

Bushboy's title of choice for this picture, he told me as I was taking it, was: "Boy working hard digging the compost and not getting paid enough."

This box was planted with lettuce, swiss chard and pac choi! Check out the rhubarb, it's finally found its happy place.

The strawberry bed is showing some life at last.

I hope we can get back out there this week-end before more rain comes. We still have had frost some mornings this week, so I will plant peas and that’s about it for the veggie beds, but all the flower gardens need a good cleaning out as well. What’s new in your garden?


  1. Don’t you love finally being able to go play in the dirt? I keep looking out at my Brussels sprout and broccoli plants and smiling. Well, except for yesterday when I looked out in the morning as they were getting snowed on!

    Tell Bush Boy that mom’s pay with hugs, not cash.

  2. I LOVE your little garden! Those strawberries look so enticing. One day (soon, I hope) I’ll have my own little garden again. I agree with kristie, mom’s pay in hugs, not cash. If you give BB an allowance, I’d say that gardening’s part of that :)

    Hope the sun is shining for you today!
    Happy Easter :)

  3. No garden here. I miss mine, but I know I’ll have another one. I love a nice black batch of compost and rhubarb and strawberries — you have some things to get excited about. Fun!

  4. I have put in radish and lettuce and nothing else. I need to get out to the “fence garden” and get it ready for peas and other good things to come.

  5. yay for you and bushboy! i need to channel some of your gardening energy – i need to get started in my plots as well.
    sorry to hear you had a bout with the stomach flu – yuck! but glad to know you’re feeling better.

  6. Oy-stomach flu sucks, but in spring no less? Looks like you are further along than we are although my garlic and leeks are up and thriving with these wet, cool conditions. Since I’m in the field this year, that will be the extent of my garden so I’ll just live vicariously through you!

    Did Bush Boy cut his curls again?

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