Posted by: Kate | March 29, 2011

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, Day Two

New Skills in the Past Year

When I first read this topic, I thought, “I haven’t learned any new skills this year. Whatever will I write about?” I looked at the wild card post, and thought about using that, but didn’t want to on day 2. Then I took some time to really think about the question of skill and learning in my knitting.

In the end, I thought of three things that affected my knitting in new ways this past year.

1. The Pi

I had wanted to design my own pi shawl for ages before I finally got around to it last summer. I love the math of this construction, and wanted to see it in action. I am sure there will be more pi shawls in my future, but this year was my first. (I do regret that choice of blue in the centre, I must say. I think colour is an area where I still have much to learn.)

2. Shaped Scarves

This was the year I discovered shaped scarves. Not small shawls (or shawlettes as they seem to be called) but true shaped scarves. The baktus opened my eyes to the role of a scarf beyond the rectangle, and I liked that. I have some more shaped scarves in my future knitting, I’m sure.

3. The Lesson of Fit

For some reason this year the reality of my body shape finally sunk in. Thanks to the way you measure to knit this cotton bolero, I realized that my shoulders are broader than my ribcage, resulting in a baggy fit for many of my tops. This was a great lesson, as I can now make sure the tops I make fit better and stay away from patterns that are made to fit to the shoulders and aren’t easy to add shaping to. (The bolero was gifted to a friend that fit it perfectly.)

So there you have it, lessons learned and new ideas added to my knitting adventures.



  1. I think every single project teaches me a little something. It may not be something I can put into words, but I feel like I grow a little with every stitch I make. This year I have also learned more about fit and have started to see my body as it is. Sounds simple no? But oh, what a challenge.

  2. Wow, girlfriend, you have got to blog your yarnwork more often. That Pi shawl is amazing!

  3. Your shaped scarf is quite cool. I want to confirm I understand the concept. How do you define “shaped scarf”?

  4. Hi Kate! This is a very interesting topic. I loved how you’ve shown your “challenges” and how you’ve successfully completed each one. The educational part is a major aspect of my knitting and/or crocheting adventures. Gosh, I’ve been learning something new by leaps & bounds! lol Please share more of your lovely work (& I happen to LOVE the blue bit in your Pi shawl).

  5. Your pi shawl is amazing! It is on my list to knit some day as is the baktus. Great knitting!

  6. wonderful lessons – all of them!
    your baktuses (bakti?) are gorgeous.

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