Posted by: Kate | March 21, 2011

Echo Lake

With the slightest hint of spring in the air on Saturday, we decided to go out to one of the closest fishing lakes, Echo Lake. Two weeks ago when Mr. Kate went out the lake was still frozen over, although the ice was showing signs of wear and thinning. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the ice was almost gone, just remaining on the southern shore where the winter sun rarely reaches (the sun being so south in the sky, the trees block it from the southern shores). There were still patches of snow on the far shore as well, but on the northern side it was all muddy and wet grass.

Echo Lake is right on Hwy 28, the road to Gold River and into Strathcona Park. It’s only a two lane road for the most part, but the big trucks move fast on it! We wouldn’t want to camp at this lake (some people do) but it is a great spot for a fire, or to launch the boat and row around. Like most of the lakes in this area, it is regularly stocked with hatchery fish.

Of course Chika is only interested in water. How wet can he get, and how quickly, is usually what concerns him.

Spring is just starting to touch the area. You can see it in the slight yellow or red flush on certain shrub and tree branches, which glow against the glossy green of the salal.

It was cold out there, but the open water was enough to convince both guys that spring fishing is ready to begin!


  1. It truly looks glorious — clean, fresh…I’m breathing it in.

  2. despite driving that road regularly for many years, i’ve never stopped at echo lake for more than a quick photo shoot if the light was right. based on the traffic around there though it definitely seems like a good fishing lake – glad you guys enjoyed some spring weather out there!

  3. I’m still dreaming of spring in these parts. Although, I did see lots of open water this morning. We may even have boats in the next week!

  4. Looks beautiful…glad you got out to enjoy the start of spring…and to let Chika get WET! The sun is trying to peek through here and I hear the birds chirping outside so just called a friend and we are about to take a walk to enjoy it. Cold still (snowed last night) but you can feel the hint of spring regardless!

  5. gorgeous. what a wonderful outing. perfect way to spend an early spring day.
    did your boys catch anything?

    chika, of course, is handsome as ever.

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