Posted by: Kate | March 14, 2011

A Year of Socks

Terri and I are sort of doing a sock-a-long for this year. She is much more ambitious than I, as she is spinning the yarn first and then knitting her socks. But we are both aiming at 12 pairs on the year.

In January I knit up a simple pair of seed stitch rib socks.

For February I knit a pair of Rainbow Socks. This was a pattern I had had in my Ravelry queue for quite a long time, so I figured it was now or never! I didn’t get them started until mid-February, and I just finished them this week-end. The pattern was easy to follow, once I understood how the designer did her short row turns. I chose to do mine as wrap and turn short rows, I think that the slight bumps you see will even out in the wash.

Up next is a pair of socks using one of my own designs again, a simple herringbone lace pattern. I’m using some fun yarn, hoping to brighten up this rather wet and dreary March!

These three pairs of socks are for me, to fill up my sock drawer. As the year progresses I will be working on socks for other people, as well. I’m enjoying knitting socks again, after last year spending so much time on the shawls.



  1. What a great idea. The Yarn Harlot has a self imposed sock a month thing going on. She matched yarn to a pattern and put it into a bag…..put the bags all on a shelf and grabs one a month. I think it’s a great way to use up your stash!

  2. both are lovely kate – i especially like the rainbow socks – what a fun pattern!

    good luck with your year-long project! you’re off to an amazing start!!

  3. Oh, what fun. I do admire everyone doing socks each month. I’ve certainly got enough yarn, but not enough time, especially if I want to do anything else. I just saw your post from last week! I do hope you’re feeling better!

  4. Wet and dreary here too… I still haven’t tried socks. Maybe this year. Yours look nice and cozy.

  5. I LOVE those rainbow socks!

  6. I love how the Rainbow socks turn the self-striping yarn into a more interesting color pattern, like waves.

    • The wedges of colour were what drew me to the pattern – the different viewpoint intrigued me.

  7. I admire anyone who can knit 12 pairs in a year (I may be able to do this but wouldn’t knit a stitch on anything else!)…you are doing a fine job of it and producing some great pairs! I love the colors in all 3 of these!

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