Posted by: Kate | March 1, 2011

Good-Bye February. And Good Riddance!

Thank goodness February is the shortest month of the year. Every year it sneaks up on me, after the good will and fresh start of January. It creeps in the house, filling up the calendar with too many school activities and meetings, and not enough outside days. This February was particularly annoying for us soft coastal people. We had no warm days, all cold and snow and dry air, not what we are used to. The warm little stretch of February days that usually redeem the month did not materialize, leaving me just wanting the month to be over. It is Bushboy’s toughest month at school, Mr. Kate’s slowest month at work, and thus my hardest month at home.

But, February is over and I bid it a curt farewell. Welcome March, the month of garden catalogues and spring breaks and birthdays and, if we’re lucky, even some days digging in the dirt. You’re here not a moment too soon.



  1. You know, I love the winter, but this year, I have to agree with you. February has been taxing and I’m glad to be moving on. Though March and April look like they may be a whirlwind as well. We shall see! Hope you find much colour to raise your spirits soon.

  2. Hello March! Enjoy those garden catalogs!

  3. DITTO!!!!

  4. oh poor february. it never gets the love.
    (i’m, of course, just teasing you. we have three birthdays in february so i think that helps to break up the monotony.)

  5. I agree. Although March in northeast Oregon can be a bear (as I’m writing this we just had a 30 minute horrible hail storm that turned into snow now)…which is worse for me. Expecting flowers poking up and green grass and warm days and often not getting any of the above! February I expect to be crappy…and it meets my expectations every year! ;)

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