Posted by: Kate | February 28, 2011

When It’s the Vancouver Public Library, It’s Definitely a Highlight

We went to Vancouver this week-end. It’s a big trip to undertake — a two-hour drive, a two-hour ferry trip, a forty-minute bus ride. Then turn around the next day and do that all over again to get home! We went first and foremost to go to Rogers Arena, home of the beloved Vancouver Canucks (NHL hockey team for those of you who don’t follow sports). Mr. Kate scored some tickets from work for a sponsor brunch and then event tickets for the Superskills competition. We had a fabulous time, Bushboy got to bring a friend along and they enjoyed the hotel, the views, the backstage look at the arena (tours during the brunch) and especially the Superksills event itself. That will likely be another post (or maybe just photos from the archives).

However, in planning our trip, I realized we would be getting off the bus downtown right in front of the Vancouver Public Library. For those of you in a big city this may not seem like a big deal, but we’re talking about book-loving people who visit a library not much bigger than our house for our book needs. (Granted, we have a much larger selection than just that, as our library actually covers the entire island, with many branches.) So it didn’t take much to convince the boys to stop in at the library before walking to the hotel.


The outer entrance. Oh yes, it was snowing like crazy in Vancouver that day!



People, it was amazing! Bushboy in particular was in awe at the teen section (almost bigger than our entire library) and the fact that the library was five floors high, with an escalator in the middle of it. Plus outside the library there were tons of little cafes and store fronts. It was so cool to listen to him imagine what it would be like to have that as his library.


The inner entrance.

So while hockey and the hotel may be the big topic when he is at school, I know the library was a highlight as well.




  1. I’ve been to this amazing library, it’s legendary. It sounds like you ALL had an amazing time – whoo hoo!!

  2. Perfect.

  3. That’s one large library! We have a pretty big one here in Norwich. It’s such a brilliant service. Sounds like you had a great couple of days. Ros

  4. The VPL is great! I often go when I am in Vancouver. A friend and I go to a Lebanese stand and buy some wraps, walk to the library and sit at one of the tables outside the food and coffee shops and eat them, then head in to browse. Now that the RAV line is in it is so easy to park in Richmond and take the RAV downtown, thus avoiding trying to park down there. Did you know you can now check out books from the VPL and return them to your local library?

    It sounds like you had a great weekend!

  5. I liked it too, when we were in Vancouver for the transplant summer…we got an ‘out of towner’ library card and enjoyed it v. much.

  6. sounds like a great trip!
    the library looks ginormous and fun! *when* i make it up to vancouver i will definitely have to check it out!
    (heh heh, library pun totally intended)

  7. Denise told me to wipe the slate clean and not try to ‘catch-up’ on commenting. And while that is a good idea for some blogs, I don’t want to miss anything posted by some…so are you ready for a deluge of comments? I’m needing a break from editing so catching up just a bit.

    I think it’s great you were that excited about the library. I don’t go to Portland often but when I do, the only thing I’m really excited about is Powell’s used bookstore…I’m sure you’ve heard of it (one square block). So I guess I’m a book lovin’ ‘geek’ too!

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