Posted by: Kate | February 25, 2011

From the Photo Archives

Last night Bushboy’s school had a talent show, and Bushboy made his first public appearance on the guitar. He rocked it out, with a medley of rock songs  – starting with 7th Nation Army, throwing in some Iron Man, Smoke on the Water, Rock You Like a Hurricane and ending with some ACDC Thunderstruck. I was so proud of him for getting up there and putting himself in the spotlight. He and his best friend also sang a duet together – Waving Flag. They were the only boys in the show. The show itself was wonderful, a great showcase of the variety of students and their interests. Really a sweet evening.


  1. Yeah Bushboy!!!! Such courage.

  2. Love the medley. What fun.

  3. Hey!!! Look at BB! He looks good!! I’M proud of him & I haven’t met him yet. Congratulations BB – you’ve done well. Don’t forget me when you become famous ;-)

  4. Personally I can’t get around the fact that not only does BB want to camp permanently, but he also chose to play ACDC….so great! ;)

  5. YES, this is exactly the definition of a sweet evening! Good for BB and good for you for encouraging him in such a wide variety of pursuits. :-)

  6. Way to go Bushboy! He has way more courage than I could ever gather. I admire anyone who can set foot on a stage.

  7. rock on bushboy!!

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