Posted by: Kate | February 23, 2011

A Poem by Me, Age 13

I’ve been looking through my poetry books again, and am finding myself touched by the girl I was at 13. I can see me waiting to burst out, but can also see all those crazy emotions of 13, all those bigger than life feelings. By 17 the poetry is a little more refined, but at 13 it’s big and bold, all loopy letters and similes. Every emotion is obvious. So just for fun, here is a poem by me, at age 13.

The night is still.
It’s not really black,
More of a deep royal blue.
No stars are out tonight,
Yet the sky is quite
Bright still.
A definite Canadian night.
I wonder if out there in the world
Is another girl, 13,
Who sits on her windowsill
Writing poetry at night.


Some of the poetry is intensely personal, but at other times the poems are obviously influenced by books or something else, as they address people or situations not in my life. There are also lots of poems about nature — some things never change!

Just for fun, one more about skiing (also from the age 13 book).

The cool snow  sprays
As I twist and turn
On my way down the slopes.
It’s like dancing,
Only the music comes from
Inside of me,
From the rhythm of my breathing,
And the drumming
of my heart.
What a feeling!
Bombing down in control
Of the world!
Eyes tearing,
I reach the bottom.
There I wait in line
To go up and experience
That incredible high,
Again and again.


I was trying to explain the sensation of flying that skiing gives me the other day to someone. Apparently at 13 I had that figured out. This poem I was editing in my head, perhaps later I’ll share an updated version.

Thanks for traveling down memory lane with me.



  1. These are great, so clear and confident. You are very lucky to have poetry books from your 13th year.

  2. Those are so good, Kate, and great that you kept them. I used to write poems as a teen also but I destroyed them when I was in my twenties, thinking they were “embarrassing”.

  3. Smart you to have kept what you wrote in your teens. Sadly, the only thing I have is one story I wrote for a high school English class.

  4. aw kate, i love these peeps back in time…
    “portrait of a poet as a young girl.”

  5. You have a beautiful gift, dear Kate. I hope you’ll continue to write more poetry. And it is so great you still have your childhood treasures, it’s fun and interesting, too, to see where we’ve been. I esp. loved your skiing poem, I was flying downhill along with you!

  6. I love these glimpses you share of young Kate. They never cease to amaze and inspire me…especially how articulate and emotionally mature you were.

    I think the second poem describes skiing to a T…but that first poem is so very touching. I bet there were many 13 year old girls sitting by the window looking out at the night sky…I bet I was one (though minus the poetry).

  7. Thanks for sharing… I remember a poem I wrote at about that age. It’s still my favorite poem I wrote. Sometimes we’re better at that age, more honest and more observant. When not being completely selfish teens, that is!

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