Posted by: Kate | February 10, 2011

There’s Colour if You Look for It

This has been a particularly tough winter out here on the west coast. Not a lot of bad storms, but a lot of very gray, very damp weather. As I have lived both in the eastern snow and cold climate as well as the gray west coast climate, I can tell you both are tough. The saving grace of the cold winters was the abundant sunshine. The saving grace of the wet winters is the lack of serious cold for any length of time. But oh, the gray.

February, though, February marks the beginning of the end. We may yet get snow, as we often do in March. We will have many more dark, wet weeks before any warm breeze blows our way. But in February, the faintest glimmer of renewed growth and energy begins to emerge — if you look for it.

At first glance you might walk right past it, but on a rare sunny day if you look down, it waves at you, calling you to further inspection.

Well hello there, my purple beauties! You have me curious now, are any of your friends about?

Take heart, my friends. Once again, spring is coming.

(As I was posting these pictures I noticed a couple of pictures titled crocus feb — obviously I have been down this garden path before!)



  1. Yay! My favourite time of year!

  2. Ah, what a refreshing post. Lovely, lovely growth, dear Kate. Spring has (finally) arrived!

  3. ooh, i haven’t seen any crocus yet, but keeping my eyes out! always looking for some new spots of colour this time of year – lucked out a little today with several (maybe 5?) pairs of evening grosbeaks at the feeder, and the bright yellow of the males definitely brightens the day.

  4. oh wow, i’m just impressed that you can see the ground!

    we have nothing but piles and piles and piles of snow as far as the eye can see.

  5. What a treat. So pretty.

  6. Melissa has it the worst (but she loves winter so I don’t feel sorry for her!)…but even though we don’t have piles of snow anymore, we certainly are months away from any crocuses showing their delicate flowers…even for a mild winter! Enjoy their beauty Kate!

  7. oh how beautiful! as much as i love winter, those first signs of spring are always so exciting!

  8. clearly crocuses help you through! Hurray for spring. :)

  9. Saturday I noticed the beginings of primrose poking up in the flower garden. Come on spring!

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