Posted by: Kate | February 8, 2011

A Tote, a Bag, a Carry-All

This Christmas my lovely mum gave me a new sewing machine. Well, new to me. It was a sewing store’s class machine, one of the machines they sell off at the end of the year. But it was fancier than anything I’ve ever had, and it sews so smoothly!

My mum’s birthday was this past week, and I thought it would be very appropriate to sew her something on the wonderful sewing machine she gave me.

I saw these bags on Audrey’s blog, and followed her link to the instructions. I love written instructions for sewing, it appeals to the logical side of me. It’s why I’m good at assembling Lego sets and algebra, I can follow the steps!

Choosing the fabric was the most difficult part, as I didn’t know if I should go muted and neutral, or fun and spring-like. I ended up choosing fabric for both, but in the end made Mum the spring bag.

She loved it. I was most proud of the pockets (especially the zipper one) and the lining.

Now to make the brown one for myself!



  1. Oh Kate, it’s wonderful! A great way to carry spring around with you as winter carries on.

  2. It is gorgeous! The bright green really makes it pop, perfect for shopping or “gadding about” as my elderly neighbor loves to do! Do you know how much this gorgeous bag would be in the stores? I’d hazard a guess @ $100+. It sounds like you’ve got a wonderful relationship with your dear mum – giving you a sewing machine is just plain wonderful. I anticipate many more lovely creations :)

  3. Excellent bag Kate! I loved Audrey’s too :) I may need to try my hand at these written instructions !

  4. You can do zippers too?!? I think you need to walk around wearing a shiny cape.

  5. Lucky mum! It’s gorgeous, Kate, and all those pockets make it so versatile.

  6. Your bag looks fabulous! Pretty fabric! Ros

  7. ooh a zippered pocket is indeed very impressive! wonderful bag- what a lucky mum you have!

  8. Love, love, love it! I’m off to check out those directions.

  9. Wow. Very nice work. It looks pretty and super sturdy and well crafted. A perfect gift for someone you love (and someone who gave you a sewing machine). Lucky Mum.

  10. oooh kate! the bag is wonderful, i am quite impressed with you and your sewing/zipper inserting skills.
    can’t wait to see what else you and your new machine create!

  11. And you continue to amaze me with your mad skilz this Saturday afternoon! The bag is great (need to bookmark that link) and what a perfect gift for you mom. That is so very cool that you got a ‘new’ sewing machine…looking forward to seeing your brown bag and any other sewing projects you choose to tackle!

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