Posted by: Kate | February 7, 2011

The Blue Shirt

Three years ago, Shan gifted me with some blue cotton. I knew it wanted to be a short-sleeved top, and I eagerly went through my books to find the right stitch. I love the Incredible, Custom-fit Raglan pattern, so I started with that and then improvised as I went along. The top got put down many times, as other projects took over my knitting mojo. Every year, I’d pick it up and work a little more on it, then put it down for the latest love. After the holiday knitting this past Christmas, I was determined to finish up some of the projects that were sitting in my work basket, and this one took top priority.

And now it is done, and I love it!

After blocking the cotton is light and soft, and the drape is just how I imagined. The sleeves are slightly winged, and the lace sits at just the right spot. The great thing about this pattern is the ability to try it on as you go, and to measure it exactly. I finished the v-neck with a single crochet in the end, as knitting seemed to give it too rigid a finish (I was also getting past the halfway mark on my last skein).

I am so looking forward to wearing this in the spring, with a cute skirt or capris. To feel the warm air in the lace and the comfort of the cotton on my skin.

Three years in the making, and done not a moment too soon.



  1. That is a great shirt, and it is in my favourite colour of blue! Plus it is the perfect fit. Do you find knitting with cotton hurts your hands? I love wearing cotton sweaters but knitting them is like torture.

  2. Wow, does that look lovely. I have dreams of knitting myself a spring/summer top. I hope you really get a lot of wear out of that. It looks great with your skin too – a great color for you.

  3. a gorgeous top that looks fabulous on you!

  4. Ah, Kate, it is gorgeous! The blue really suits you, well done. Soon you’ll be able to wear it with pride & total comfort. Yay!!!!

  5. wow, it’s absolutely adorable and fits you perfectly! congrats!

  6. I was just wondering this morning if you had posted the blue top! I think it looks so great (and you do too by the way) and the fit is spot on perfect. I’m amazed by anyone who can just make up designs as they knit along. Even if 3 years in the making, this will make an excellent addition to your spring wardrobe!

  7. What a beautiful color and nice fit on you. I love it!

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