Posted by: Kate | February 3, 2011

It’s a Block(ing) Party!

I’ve had a number of projects waiting to be blocked, and finally on the week-end I got around to it. They were on my bedroom floor for a day, but thanks to the incredible dampness of the BC winters, and my refusal to crank my electric heat up above 20C, the small items took three days to dry and the bigger items took six days to dry completely. So the blocking mats were moved into the spare room and propped up against the couch. Quite awkward, but it’ll do.

Blocking is one of those things that only other knitters understand. Other people just look at me oddly when I try to explain it (or maybe they just look at me oddly anyhow….). Getting these projects truly finished is a great feeling!



  1. Congratulations on blocking this time of year. There is no place in my house for such things, so I block outside. Doesn’t work so well this time of year.

  2. Ya, a knitting project just isn’t complete until the blocking’s done. I LOVE the blue top, it’ll be so nice to wear come Spring. Well, now even :) The scarf, it’s a scarf right? is very pretty, too!

    Hope it warms up for you. It was v chilly here in Kelowna today, brrrr! Overcast and about -5C with a biting cold wind, w a few snowflakes. Reminds me of my aunt who lives in Delta, B.C. She hangs her laundry outside, even in the winter. Her towels become hard as a rock, frozen, lol. She them would lay them out inside the house to dry. But boy, did they ever smell nice!!!

  3. I never mark the items finished in ravelry until the blocking is done. I appreciate your perseverance. I’ll admit I’d probably have turned a fan on them, but with no spare bedroom anymore, giving the cats six days to play with knitted items would be a recipe for disaster! Can’t wait to see the blue top, it looks lovely.

  4. I’m surprised they didn’t develop mould before they were actually dry. :-) I love, love, love the feeling of accomplishment a finished knitting project brings.

  5. I have some blocking to do today too. I’ll set it in front of our gas fireplace so hopefully it won’t take forever to dry.

  6. Look at all those FO’s! Will you be posting about them more when finally dried? I’d love to see that blue top off the blocking board if so!

  7. what a wonderful array of finished projects!

    i was going to ask the exact same question as rachel – will we get to see them again when they’re dried?

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