Posted by: Kate | January 28, 2011

From the Photo Archives

fishing boat off Bere Point Regional Campground, Malcolm Island, August 2010


Last summer we ‘discovered’ the beauty of Malcolm Island. I have so many pictures from that trip that I didn’t share the first time around, and this was one of my favourites. Every evening, and often in the middle of the night as well, the local fish boats would pull into the bay in front of our campsite and anchor while they ate dinner. It was explained to me that they were net fishing for sockeye salmon, and so they would set their nets out in the channel and then come in to the bay to wait four hours before fetching up the nets. Or they would come in to anchor when it was too dark to work, and then head out again at first light.

The salmon were likely what were drawing the great number of whales we saw there. As I also posted in the summer, we saw the whales rubbing on the beach while we were there. This is a thrilling experience. I did take two short videos, and I finally got them onto YouTube, so thought I would share those with you as well.


  1. Awesome videos of the whales! I don’t know which was better- seeing the whales or hearing the excitement in your son’s voice.

  2. wow, that picture is absolutely beautiful! those colors- amazing! i love that you posted the videos too, your son’s enthusiasm is so contagious and to fun to listen to!

  3. Yipee, more working boat pictures :-)

  4. so. very. cool. thanks so much for sharing those Kate! I watched them several times, smiling at the beauty of the whales and the joy in BB’s reaction to them!

  5. oh wow, what wonderful wonderful videos! how amazing that you got to experience it in person.
    (i might be tinged slightly green with envy right now)

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