Posted by: Kate | January 21, 2011

From the Photo Archives

I love the light in this photo. Chika had just shaken off after a swim on a cold, December afternoon. He is watching Bush Boy and Mr. Kate walk on, and I’m trying to call him to take his picture. He wants to run and follow the guys, but he’s obedient enough to stay when he’s told. He doesn’t want to look at me, though! I love that you can see his breath in the cold air, as well as that big feathery tail wagging to the side.



  1. That’s a great photo, Kate!

  2. It’s v cool that you ‘caught’ Chika’s breath on film. Great shot!

  3. I love your photo archive posts.

  4. Nice pic of Chika! You know how I so love seeing pictures of him though!

  5. oh that chika, what a handsome fella.

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