Posted by: Kate | January 20, 2011

Back on Track

I’m back! The Mac is running once more, it needed a new hard drive but thanks to Time Machine and an external drive, I’m good to go with all my files and photos back in place. Can’t express enough how important it is to back up — that drive paid for itself this week for sure.

I’ve been having many interesting conversations recently around community involvement. How is it that some people feel the need or drive to commit time to volunteer in various ways, and others don’t? Do we have an obligation to give back to the communities we are a part of? How about participation — in public forums, policy debates, etc?

I know that when our son started public school, we as a family made a commitment to be involved in the school community. But I find myself thinking larger than just our school now — should we be getting more involved in our community?

I think people are sometimes afraid of stepping in and then having things dumped on them. Or perhaps people think they don’t have the skills necessary. Often, I know, it is easy to not even think about it. Life is busy, why would we make it more so?

If we want a sense of community, though, if we want our town/city/neighbourhood to be the best it can be for us — do we have a responsibility to step up and say I want to do something to make this a better place?

Food for thought.



  1. I volunteered so many hours, for so many years. I feel it is important to be a part of the world around you. If you like what is going on in your town, do what you can to keep it going. If something is bothering you, the easiest way to change it is to volunteer on that commitee.

    As of October I am no longer a volunteer. It feels odd not to be connected and in the loop and able to change things. I will step up again in the future, right now it is time for others to take a turn.

  2. glad you got your mac back!

    i think this post ties in nicely with your previous comfort zone post.
    i often find myself struggling with a desire to be more active in my community and a sometimes crippling social anxiety. i am working on finding a balance, i recently signed up to volunteer with a group that does wonderful things in my community *and* is run by a good friend of mine. hopefully that will help me ease into meeting the other people involved!

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