Posted by: Kate | January 17, 2011

Out of My Comfort Zone

My iMac is in the shop for an as yet undiagnosed refusal to start up. I am fortunate that in our house we have a number of computers available, and also that I had set up Time Machine to back up my data from the iMac to an external hard drive (if the iMac is in need of a new hard drive or needs to be reformatted in any way and we lose data). It’s not the end of the world, in other words.

It has made realize, though, how easily we are thrown out of our comfort zones. To use this computer I am at a different desk, typing on a different keyboard. It’s disconcerting and not natural to me anymore. Such a simple thing, yet oddly uncomfortable.

I wonder what other things would push me out of my comfort zone? Just how narrow is it? And is that a good thing, or a bad thing, or just, a thing? I’m not sure, but in some ways I’m curious now to find out.

How do you feel about your comfort zone? Are you aware of it?

PS For those of you interested in the motorbike pictures, Mr. Kate has a post up over at the other blog, West Coast Bloggers.



  1. Firstly, my condolences. I know what it’s like to step out of your comfort zone – no fun at all! Since we’ve moved the B.C., everything & I mean EVERYTHING is different. Some in subtle ways, others, well, not so much. lol We’re still renting and look forward to owning a home again one day, soon I hope! I am TOTALLY out of my comfort zone and love every minute of it! It was time.

    Your case, however, well, sucks! I hope you’ll get your computer issues sorted out STAT! It’s great you’re able to use another home computer, what would I do without you! I love reading your daily blog :) It makes me happy. Oh yes, before I forget, I looked at Fisher Man’s motorbike pics – very nice! No wonder he’s so happy!!

  2. Sorry to hear your computer is not working. At least the whole ordeal is made better by the fact you have Time Machine. I bought my first Mac in October and I have plans to purchase the Time machine/router but keep putting it off because our old router is still working. In the meantime I am paying for offsite data back-up.

    As far as comfort zones go small, unexpected things like having to shop for clothes (in a store as opposed to on the internet) for myself take me out of my comfort zone. The thought of shopping for something to wear to my daughter’s wedding makes me want to hide in a corner. :-) Traveling in Asia takes me out of my comfort zone in a good way, which is one of the reasons I love going there so much.

  3. Interesting idea. I think my comfort zone is shrinking. Or maybe I have become comfortable enough with my self to know what I like and turn my back on the rest. I do not have a problem with change. What about you?

  4. oh, I know what you mean! My computer died and I’ve been hemming and hawing about what to buy. Then Boy #2 came to live with us and the money supply tightened. For 8 months I’ve been moving from computer to computer and after all this time, it still doesn’t “feel” right. I haven’t set down roots on any computer and want mine. Hopefully early next month I can cash in my change and buy a new computer. Hope all goes well at the iMac hospital. :)

  5. In my opinion, how narrow one’s comfort zone is just a ‘thing’. In fact, I would bet that most people have relatively small comfort zones (whether we want to admit it or not). And while they may not welcome change, it doesn’t mean they can’t adapt and adjust (like you with the computer). So in my opinion, having an adaptation zone too narrow is a ‘bad thing’. I definitely don’t see you falling into this category!

    I hope your computer can be fixed…so glad to hear you backed everything up! You are a step ahead of most.

  6. Comfort zone? Oh yes, very aware. I’m in and out and in and out. I like testing my boundaries, but always require a little recovery time afterward. I hope your Mac is feeling better.

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