Posted by: Kate | December 22, 2010

Unsettled, to Say the Least

Quick post, as I’m having wicked eye strain and the computer makes it much worse. Off to the eye doctor tomorrow. Thought it was my sinuses at first, but doc said didn’t look like it. Haven’t had eye strain like this since I was in university, but I’m hoping a prescription change is the only fix needed.

Our weather is positively crazy-making this week. All day Monday, it snowed.

A good 5-8 centimetres. Then it warmed up Monday night, and started raining about 5pm. It rained for the next 24 hours – torrentially. The snow completely melted away. Then the rain tapered off at last, and last night we had wind. Today the sun is blinding us (what is that light in the sky?), reflecting off the wet surfaces. The rain is supposed to be back by tonight.

It’s hard to be bombarded by the unsettled weather. Even the dog is confused!


  1. Pretty snow! We still have a fair bit, but it is slowing disappearing. Hope you have a lovely festive season and a peaceful 2011. Ros

  2. Hope you feel better and your eye strain stops straining! For us in the midwest, it’s all about snow this year. Snow, snow, and more snow. I’m thankful for hearty teenagers to shovel it all!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. yup, and now the rain and wind are back with a vengeance! hoping you feel better soon – have a happy holiday!

  4. You had snow? Wow. Fingers crossed a new Rx fixes the eye issues!!!

  5. hope your eyes are feeling better.

    well at least you got a little snow, although it’s too bad it had to be the confusing kind!

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