Posted by: Kate | December 20, 2010

I Want to Remember This

You are so completely obsessed with Beyblades right now. And as is usual with you and an obsession, you have turned to cardboard to help you. Last night you had to show us the carrying case you had made for your accessories, complete with inner holding pieces. This morning I watched you on the floor with scissors and tape and cardboard, making a new one. You don’t care that the outside says granola bars, or cereal, or is funny colours. To you it is the exact right part to complete the current obsession.

I want to remember this about you. This ability to turn cardboard into the perfect component, the drive to perfect and revise and create new pieces, the imagination to see what you want those everyday materials to become. You are so determined and enthusiastic and creative. I don’t know when your cardboard creations will end, or if they will. All I know is, I want to remember this moment in your life, and in my mine.


  1. Great tribute to BB’s passion for life! I doubt you’ll ever forget that.

  2. A very special moment, one you’ll not soon forget. (I love this about children!).

    Maybe you’ll share a pic or 2?

  3. I agree, something to remember. And who knows where this “drive to perfect and revise and create new pieces” will lead. Perhaps somewhere interesting in adulthood.

  4. your dear boy is so amazingly creative.

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