Posted by: Kate | December 16, 2010

Christmas Concert

I love Christmas concerts. No, I adore them.

Bush Boy sang in the choir and also performed with his fiddle club. The little kids were adorable, the older kids were eager and excited. It was truly wonderful. Put me in the Christmas mood.



  1. He looks so handsome! I miss those school concerts but hopefully I’ll be able to attend grandkids’ ones in the future.

  2. What a cutie.

  3. oh my goodness – what an amazing and handsome son you have!
    love the tie – he totally rocks that look!!

  4. I’m loving his tie/shirt combo! Such a handsome lad!

  5. ooh there’s nothing like a christmas concert! makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. your son looks completely adorable- love the outfit!

  6. Awww, this photo warms the cockles of my heart. BB looks adorable, a very good-looking young man indeed. Love his ‘look’, well put together :)

    This puts ME in the Christmas spirit, too!

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