Posted by: Kate | December 14, 2010

Reading Leads to More Reading

I find that as I read I need to read more. Every book seems to lead to another – either I enjoyed the writing style so much I want to read more by the author, or I am fascinated by the subject and want to learn more about it. Then I go to the library website and search out more titles. My book list grows in leaps and bounds, depending on how many books I’ve read in a given time. Or, I might read about an author or book on a blog (perhaps one of yours) or in a newspaper article. And then my list grows again.

Every once in a while I go through my list. I am a dedicated library patron, and never buy books for myself. Sometimes the library doesn’t have a book yet, or if it is a newer book the wait list is very long. Then I will put a little mark in my book and next time I go through it from the beginning I will check it again.

I thought about this as I just finished Madonnas Of Leningrad (for me it was ok, not fantastic, but interesting in parts) and immediately thought that I wanted to know more about the history in the story. The author had provided a couple of book titles in the back, and I have just written one of them into my book list book (it is a little black book, is that telling?), which got me looking through my eclectic list of books.

Do you have a book list? Where do you keep it? Is it organized? Mine isn’t, I write the titles down on the pages wherever there is room. I love looking through it, as I’ve had it for years now and I can see the crossed off books as well as the books I have yet to read. Books, words, stories, learning — such a huge part of my life.


  1. I agree, books do seem to lead to more books. I am a huge fan of the library and most books I read are from the library or a used bookstore, but I keep my wish list on Amazon, just because it’s easy.

  2. i too keep my wishlist on amazon, but for me too it’s only because it’s easy.

    and oh the booklist…. you’ve tuched a topic close to my heart – my list is full and varied and, because it is always growing, i doubt that i will ever reach the end of it! i too find that reading one book will lead to more books and that i get a lot of recommendations from blogs and other internetty friends.

    i’m not reading a lot right now (for myself, lily and i always seem to be reading something) and am hoping that as soon as i can close down the knitting sweatshop for the season i can read like a fiend for a few days!

  3. oh – and i keep meaning to come visit your blog specifically to tell you (a la rachel’s blog) how much you inspire me.
    this post is just one of the many examples of how your topics are either things i’m already thinking about or things i *should* be thinking about! you are an amazing crafter and an amazing parent – i am thankful that ravelry and dishcloths brought us together!!

  4. I love books! Unlike you I do purchase them, and over the years have amassed quite a collection. I love the library too, and came out of our local one yesterday with a stack of books thinking to myself I must be crazy. There is no way I will have time to read them all over the busy holiday season!

    As far a as a list goes I use the wish list feature at Amazon. If I see a book I might want to read I put it in to search out at the library at a later date. I like using Amazon to read reviews of books I am interested in too.

    About 7 years ago I also started keeping a journal of books I have read. I have noticed I don’t read as much as I used to. I think it is partly due to how much I knit, and partly due to the distraction of the computer. Also, I tend to listen to a lot of books now rather than actually reading them.

    What are your thoughts on e-readers? I have mixed feelings about them. I wish I could borrow one for a couple weeks to see if I like the “feel” of reading with it.

  5. I felt “meh” about Madonnas of Leningrad too. I have a notebook where I track every book I’ve finished, and have started keeping track on Goodreads too. My Amazon wish list and library queue serve as my “want to read” lists. I’ve been using the library more and more, but sometimes forget to manage the queue, and then I end up getting a stack of books at once, all with waitlists. Urgh. Wish it was like Netflix, where there was a set limit on how many I could get at once.

  6. Great topic, Kate! You’ve opened up the proverbial can of worms, ha ha. I am a reading fool, love books, always have, always will. I’ve been keeping a book list, presently using a small coil-bound book in my purse, for just this purpose. My interests are hugely varied, probably something like your book list.

    I agree with everyone else, where and when WILL I ever, possibly read all the great (hopefully) books out there? I’ve become more ‘choosey’, the older I’m getting – life is short! haha.

    Thanks, too, everyone for suggesting the Amazon wish list. Great idea! I plan to go check it out right away. I’ve looked at Amazon before and really enjoy reading the reviews.

    What book is on your nightstand now?
    I’m about 1/2way through “Our Mutual Friend”, Charles Dickens :) with “Three Cups of Tea” on deck.

  7. I use to have those pieces of paper all around with book ideas (in fact, I still have a backlogged file folder that has all those little pieces that is about half an inch thick!). Finally figured out I needed a different system so I switched to the Amazon wish list. However, since I keep that list public, I found that often I would get books as gifts and like you tend to avoid buying books if at all possible. A few years ago I found Goodreads (I’m surprised only one person mentioned this…I know Melissa uses it on some level as well). To me, this is the Ravelry for books and I love it. You can make as many categories as you want, but I stick to the basics…Currently reading, read, and to-read. You can review, you can find friends and check out their lists and reviews.

    When I’m looking for something to read, I go through my to-read list (which is about 5 times longer than my read list so yes, I definitely have your ‘problem’ as well!), pick a few titles and then open a tab for the library index to see what is available. If you check it out, let me know.

  8. I love the idea of a book list but have never been able to pull it off. I am not good at keeping a notebook, but aspire to be.

    This year I found very few books that made me want to read them. When something sounded interesting I immediately checked to see if it was available through the library. If not, or if the wait was going to be more than 6 months, I bought the book. I find that having an unread book on the shelf makes me more likely to read it. I have read more this year than I have in quite a while and as the year comes to an end I only have two unread books on the shelf. Books I am really looking forward to reading and certainly would have forgotten if I had not purchased them while the titles were fresh in my mind.

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