Posted by: Kate | December 10, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Christmas Morning, 2008

I love this picture. I had come downstairs to make coffee, but we had told Bush Boy he could not come downstairs (where the tree was) until 8 am. It was 7:57 when I took this picture :) An advantage to having only one child is that he doesn’t have another one to egg him on …. and he really didn’t want to risk ruining Christmas morning. I couldn’t believe he waited! It’ll be earlier this year as we have no one staying with us, but I won’t let it be too early!



  1. Excellent expression!

  2. When our kids were about Bush Boy’s age they were not allowed to get up before the sun was up. Then they were allowed to open stockings, but nothing else. Before they came to get us they had to make coffee. The upside of this is that the three oldest kids make really good cofee.

  3. lol ~ Awwwww!!! This is just priceless! A picture paints a thousand words! lol

  4. Oh, I remember the rules of not being able to come down until a certain time! This picture and BB’s expression bring back so many memories…thanks for sharing!

  5. love it!!

  6. Ha ha!! Well done Kate!

  7. hahaha. I DID have siblings and we’d egg each other on to go further and further down the stairs. But we never had the nerve to go all the way down. I think it started with fear of what would happen to all our presents and migrated to fear (normal corporal punishment, nothing awful) of what my Dad would do if we went downstairs before my Mom was up so she could see our expressions when we first saw the tree.
    I’m such a kid that even when we were teenagers, I’d go down the stairs and then face the wall with my back to the living room (and tree) to get breakfast in the morning. I love Christmas morning! And now I’m such a kid that I still go to bed and have Rocky put out my stocking so I don’t see it on the couch until morning. :)

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