Posted by: Kate | December 6, 2010

December Shore

When we get a sunny day in December, we all feel the need to head to the shore.

Look at those mountains on the mainland!

The water on Saturday was so calm, allowing the light gave it an incredible shine. It felt wonderful to soak in the ocean air and the sunshine.


Mr. Kate soaking up the sun.


Of course for Chika the beach is really all about running and swimming. We asked the vet recently about Chika’s desire to swim in the ocean (or any other water) in the middle of winter, as some people had expressed concern to us that it might cause arthritis later. The vet assured us that isn’t the case, which is a relief as there isn’t really a way to stop Chika from swimming in water. It would be too cruel. He loves to run in, take sticks in, and then run out and chase up and down the beach.


Chika charging up the beach.

The whole family came home refreshed and happier. The power of ocean air and sunshine never fails to astound me.




  1. a perfect day to be at the beach. those coast mountains were lovely weren’t they?

  2. Your posts make me miss living near the coast! Before we moved to Kamloops we were in Steveston for 4 years. I can almost “smell” the ocean when I look at your pictures.

  3. That is the happiest dog in the world!

    What mountain range are you looking at?

  4. gorgeous pictures! glad you were all able to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

    and that chika is such the handsome fella….

  5. It is powerful, isn’t it? Chika looks exuberant! What fun.

  6. Ah, refreshing photos, Kate! I’d call this my “Happy Place” everytime I visit the ocean. Lucky you :) “Pure Bliss” would be another one.

    (is there any way you could bottle this wonderful ocean essense? Reminds me of an old Seinfeld show, where Kramer ‘invented’ an ocean-smelling perfume for Calvin Klein).

  7. Oh, how happy is Chika in that last picture!! I love it!

    Especially in winter, one day of sun can make all the difference in one’s mood and the ability to cope can’t it? Last week I was in CO and had 2 glorious days of sunshine…I tried to remember when I’d seen it last but then gave up, stopped thinking, and just enjoyed the warmth on my face.

    I’m glad you took advantage of it and headed out to the water…the perfect outing for your family!

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