Posted by: Kate | December 2, 2010

And So It Begins

Ah, December!

Yesterday being the first of December the advent calendar was out.

I made this calendar for Bush Boy when he was just one, and it has survived to be filled again and again. This year it is filled with chocolates and some notes scattered through the days – little treats and activities to ease the anticipation of the big day.

I’m still undecided on the December Daily album, but I will be taking pictures every day and we’ll see if it becomes an album or maybe just a page or two in the big scrapbook.



  1. That’s such a lovely idea. I guess it takes a while to think up all the little bits and pieces that are going to fill all those little pockets. Lucky Bush Boy! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Ros

  2. love the advent calendar! how wonderful that it’s been a family tradition since bushboy was one!

  3. Great advent calendar and it already has such a nice history. i love that you refer to it as “easing the anticipation of the big day”. I never thought of that before but that is what it does, isn’t it?

  4. Aw, it’s wonderful! A great keepsake for BB :) He’ll enjoy this for the rest of his life and maybe one day use it for his own children.

  5. So sweet! This is one of the things that is lost if you have a lot of kids. When the two oldest were little we had something similar for them. Once there were three, and then four kids, it was just too much to stuff all those pockets with goodies for four.

  6. How cool that you’ve been doing the calendar for so long…and that BB still enjoys it!

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